BigLeap Solutions enables mid and senior level engineers to take on technology leadership roles (tech lead, architect etc) by providing mentoring and in-depth technical trainings on Software Design and Architecture. These sessions are not just aimed at teaching the “What” and “How” of technical concepts, but aimed at providing the “Why” behind the ever changing technology landscape, such that the participants are well equipped to make their own decisions for the right reasons.

The BigLeap Advantage

All of our trainings are structured based on Simon Sineck’s idea : “Start with Why”

Those who know their Why are the ones who lead. They are the ones who inspire.

Delivered by practitioners

We do not believe in titles. We are “Technologies who understand Software Design” or “Architects who can code”, depending on which perspective you look at us from. The courses are taught by such experienced technologist from the industry who have the required breadth and depth of technology to train and mentor participants.

Hands on Approach

We like diagrams, be it UML or any other Architecture / design diagrams, but we love code. We believe in coding. Hence, more than 70% of the time during our trainings are exercise oriented, converting those wonderful design into clean, modular, maintainable code. This helps in reinforcing the concepts learnt in the minds of the participants.

Quick transition from classroom to project

The hands-on training where each module builds on top of the previous, helps participants build an entire project from scratch right in the classroom. This end to end experience goes a long way in translating their classroom skills to practical use in their actual projects.

Skill Enrichment

Courses are designed with the intent of improving the all round skills of participants by teaching them industry best practices and  processes.  This, coupled with the knowledge of Why, How and What, gives them the required thrust to take appropriate and independent technical decisions.

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