JEE Architecture

JEE Architecture

This course gives a broad overview of the JEE Components, with emphasis on ‘What’ and ‘Why’ behind each of the component(s), rather than ‘How’ to build that component. It discusses various architectures that are feasible using the JEE components, the role of open source frameworks and illustrates a few commonly used JEE specific architecture and architectures with open source software.

This course will talk various Transaction Management models that exists and how to choose and design an application with an appropriate Transaction Management Model.

1. Role played by Web Server, Application Servers
2. JEE Components Overview : Servlet, JSP’s, JDBC, EJB’s, JMS, JMX, JAX-WS, JAX-RS, JSF, JPA
3. Open Source Frameworks and their role in JEE Architectures
4. Case Studies : Architectures using pure JEE Components and architectures using JEE components with Open Source Frameworks
5. Transaction Management Model
6. Transaction Management using EJB’s and Spring AOP
1 Day Instructor Led Training Session (ILT)
1. Should have about 3-5 years of development experience and should have worked on mid to large enterprise applications.
2. Should have a good level of knowledge in web / enterprise application design
3. Should be aware of the capabilities of web servers / application servers
4. Should have had good development exposure to JEE Components

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