Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Performance Testing is not about recording scripts and running them at a particular load. A lot of thought needs to put in place in understanding what performance goals are, why they are important, how do we ensure we simulate the actual load conditions that the application is supposed to support etc.

This course will teach you the various topics that play an extremely important role in coming up with a strategic approach to Performance Testing. It also provides an overview of how to use JMeter as a load testing tool on the server side and usage of FireBug and YSlow on the client side.

1. What is Performance Testing and where it fits in the SDLC life cycle
2. Measures of Performance Testing and types of Performance Tests
3. Arriving at performance goals using Capacity Plan and NFR Documents
4. Various tools required for Performance Testing
5. DB Load and Performance Testing
6. Designing Load Scripts using User Modeling & Workload Modeling
7. Performance Test Result Analysis
8. JMeter: Load Testing tool usage
9. Performance Tuning Overview
1 Day Instructor Led Training Session (ILT)
1. Should have about 3-5 years of development experience and should have worked on mid to large enterprise applications.
2. Should have contributed at least as a Senior Software Engineer in a mid sized application development project
3. Should have a good technical background on the most of the software / hardware components used on the project

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