This course aims to educate participants on one the current new trends in the IT industry i.e DevOps. Course starts by focusing on what DevOps is not and then de-mystifying what DevOps means, its core principles and practices.
Course also focuses on various engineering practices that make DevOps possible and then provides hands on introduction to the most important engineering processes that any participates should know about and should be involved with.


1.DevOps – Context
2.What DevOps is not
3.Core principles, practices of DevOps
4.Concept of Build and Release
5.How to use Maven as a build tool
6.Repository Management systems and where they fit into DevOps
7.Measure code quality using Sonar
8.Continuous Integration using Jenkins
9.Continuous Delivery v/s Continuous Deployment
10.Continuous Delivery Pipeline
2 Days Instructor Led Training Session (ILT)
1. Should have experience in building JEE based web applications 2. Knowledge of Configuration Management is good to have 3. Should have an open mind and be willing to learn new approach and / or tools

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