Design Thinking

Design Thinking

This course aims to educate participates on how to think about the “What” and “How” of technical design, starting from a given problem statement and how to arrive at an implementable solution, using Domain Modeling and UML Modeling techniques. Course will focus on the important and most often used UML Diagrams. StarUML, on open source UML modeling tool, could be used for UML diagrams.

This course will not only address the inter-relationships that exists among various diagram but also focus on where and how they fit into the overall design thinking.


1.Misconceptions about UML and how various UML diagrams help in thinking about various aspects of a design
2.Relationships between the various UML diagrams and how all of them fit into design thinking
3.Domain Modeling and where it fits into design thinking
4.Use Cases and Use Case Diagrams and how to write them
5.Realize Use Cases by developing Class and Sequence Diagrams
2 Days Instructor Led Training Session (ILT)
1. Should have experience developing application that use a OOP Language 2. Should have an open mind and be willing to learn a new way to approach design

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