Enabling a business team / owner translate their business ideas into reality via a technology solution or help a technical team make the right technology decision is the crux of what we do. The kind of offering itself varies depending on customer needs and the phase of development.  Here are a few areas that we have helped our clients with:

Concept to Product

Translating a business idea into a working product is a challenging task – especially  if you are a team with all the business smarts and may not have a strong in-house tech resource.  BigLeap’s ‘Concept to Product’ offering can help you get started from scratch, design, develop and launch the technical solution, while the founding team can focus on the business side.

Laying the technology roadmap

The technology landscape today is quite dynamic. There’s an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to languages, tools and frameworks. The right technology for your organization / team depends on the business goals and so the ability to make those choices requires an experienced hand that has worked across domains and technologies. For most organizations it is not financially viable to hire such a resource full-time.  BigLeap can help you address that need by providing technical and domain expertise and laying out an appropriate technology road-map.

Validating architecture and design choices

If the ever changing technology landscape makes it very hard for a technologies to keep up to date with the latest in technology, the day to day work pressures on their current projects, makes it almost impossible for the person to look ahead in terms of technology advancements. With this background, it is a daunting task for a technologist or a tech team to embark on new or a different project, where a lot of questions are asked about the options that were available, the reasons why a particular decision was made and the validity of the technical choices themselves. BigLeap offers its expertise to validate the architecture / design choices made by technical team and can suggest course corrections, if required.

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