BigLeap Solutions is not a  venture that was built based on endless iteration and revisions of excel based business plans and ROI calculations. We are passionate technologists who enjoyed successful careers in various software companies. We decided to use the entire gamut of our knowledge and experience to help people and organizations achieve their technology ideas / goals.

Through our consulting and mentoring offerings, we set out to share our experiences and the numerous lessons we have learnt the hard way, in order to help our clients realise the promise of technology – one client at a time, one participant at a time. And, it has been an successful and an exciting journey so far!

The BigLeap Spirit

As Mentors

We understand fully well that, when it comes to technology, depth of knowledge if as important, if not more important that breadth of knowledge. One needs to learn to focus on trees without losing track of the forest. Hence, we don’t just coach our participants on technology, we strive to inspire them to aim higher, to look at the big picture. We not only teach them the What and the How, but strive to make them understand the Why.

As Consultants

When it comes to our consulting engagements, we do not let our passion for technology prevent us from doing what is right from a business perspective. We know that technology can only be a enabler and not a replacement. With business needs as the main drivers, we strive to arrive at a technology solution that best suits those needs. Our enthusiasm to solve challenging problems innovatively has positively impacted every aspect of our clients’ performance.

Team @ BLS

AnilKumar G.T.

AnilKumar GT (also known as GT among his friends and colleagues) is a seasoned technologist with 19 years of experience across various leadership roles, technologies and domains. Armed with a degree in Engineering from RVCE and a Master’s degree from Arizona State University, Phoenix, USA, he started his career as a developer at Sapient Corporation and spent later years as the Technical Architect, leading and delivering projects for Fortune 500 companies from around the world.

Being a passionate technologist and a nature lover / photographer, he was keen on perusing his passions. After spending nine years at his first job, he decided to follow his dreams by quitting his well paying job and taking on consulting, mentoring and photography. It was not an easy choice to walk away from the corporate comfort. But he did and co-founded BigLeap Solutions along with Manoj K in 2006 and to this day he is busy following his passions.

When not helping clients with their IT solutions, GT can be caught photographing nature, wildlife and landscapes. He is a passionate Naturalist. A photographer. His photography work can be seen here: Fleeting Moments

His advice is, “You owe it to yourself to be happy. But you can’t aim for happiness because it is a by-product of what you do. Always aim to do what you love doing and happiness will follow”

GT can be reached via :

LinkedIn: Profile
Blog: Pay It Forward
Photography: Fleeting Moments

Ankur Agarwal

Ankur is a seasoned technologist with 17 years of experience and counting. Ankur has provided technology leadership in defining, designing and implementation of many large and complex business solutions in international markets in multiple domains – Insurance, Travel, Media, Telecom, Private Equity etc.

He has an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication from Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra, India. In the early stages of his career Ankur obtained Java programmer certification and then at a later stage became a TOGAF 9 certified architect.

He has seen IT from multiple perspectives – being a consultant, owning enterprise IT systems as well as being an online product owner and as part of his professional journey has worked with companies like TCS, Sapient, Actis etc.

Ankur has a passion for photography and loves playing the harmonica. He has the knack of “making things happen” and has always remained a people person and a determined team player.

Ankur can be reached via :

LinkedIn: Profile

Manoj K

Manoj is a seasoned technologist with over 18 years of experience in the IT industry. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Bangalore university. He has contributed as a technology leader and architect of many web applications, multi-tenanted SaaS applications and mobile apps. He has been associated with projects for global brands including Expedia, Hotels.com, Franklin Templeton, ABB and Intuit. He has worked in leadership positions, with best of breed IT Consulting firms, Enterprise IT organizations and Software Product companies.

He is passionate about open source technologies and spends time learning new frameworks and technologies. Manoj co-founded BigLeap Solutions in the year 2006 in order to provide quality training programs in the technology track to senior IT professionals. Along with GT he setup many ILT programs in the OSS stack. He co-authored programs on Hibernate, Design patterns and Design methodology. After completing three successful years at BigLeap, Manoj went back to an IT product company and currently works as an Architect in the payments division at Intuit.

His advice to all engineers is “retain your curiosity all through your career and ensure that you always understand how things work”. He is an avid reader of books and loves to read about economics and geo-politics.

Manoj can be reached via:
LinkedIn: Profile
Blog: Tech Biz 4 You
Twitter: Handle

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