Spring Framework

Spring Framework

Spring Framework, an open source application framework and an Inversion of Control container, is one of the most popular application development framework for enterprise Java. Originally designed by Rod Johnson to address some of the limitations of the J2EE components, Spring offers a modular programming approach for building enterprise applications on top of the Java EE platform.

This course starts with an overview of the design patterns and principles that make IoC work and then covers the various components of the Spring framework, what those components are meant for and why we need them and how to use them.

1. Spring framework history and context
2. IoC and Dependency Injection design patterns
3. Spring Core and how to use Spring in a non-web applications
4. Spring MVC
5. Spring JDBC Support
6. Integrating Spring with Hibernate Framework
7. AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming) using Spring AOP
8. Transaction Management using Spring AOP [Optional]
9. Spring Remoting / Web Services using Spring [Optional]
10. Spring Security [Optional]
11. Spring Dynamic Modules (DM) / OSGi [Optional]
12. Spring Web Flow [Optional]
13. Spring JMS Support [Optional]

1. Typically a 2 Day ILT (Instructor Led Training) session to get started on Spring Framework, covering topics #1 to #7.
2. Optional topics could be selected by extending the duration of the training.
1. Should have experience in J2EE web application development
2. Should understand JDBC and how it is used in a typical J2EE web application
3. Should have good knowledge of XML
4. Should be able to appreciate a n-tier, DB store based web application design

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