JEE6 : Dukes Forest Tutorial : Part 1

When I was looking around to setup the Dukes Forest tutorial, which is one of the “official” tutorials on JEE 6 components, published by Oracle, getting to the code base was not as easy as it should be.

Official Tutorial Link: JEE 6 Tutorials

The documentation in the link provided above is very good, in terms of the case study explanation, usage of JEE6 components etc. But when it comes to setting up the tutorial, they will make you go to multiple links and is a little convoluted. For reasons unknown, Oracle does not provide a direct link to the tutorial code base, but will makes you install the JEE 6 SDK and then one has to use the Update Center software that comes with the SDK to download these sample case studies. Why can’t we just download the samples and set-it up ourselves, instead of being forced to go via update software applications?

So here is a zip file of the Dukes Forest code base and it is a fully setup NetBeans project. So if you have setup NetBeans + GlassFish 3.1x correctly, you should be able to unzip this file into a folder, open NetBeans and point it to this folder and the Dukes Forest should open up and work without any issues.

UPDATE: Moved the code base on to GitHub. So here is the link to Dukes-Forest code base on GitHub:

This out of the box case study is set-up to use Java Derby as the persistence mechanism. Will publish another post, where in the Derby DB could be replaced with MySQL.

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