Pay It Forward ?

In my mother tongue, Kannada, we have a saying “Kereya Neeranu Keregi Challi”, whose literal translation means “Water from the lake should be put back into the lake”. I cannot find a better way to express how I feel about all the wonderful bloggers, from around the world, who spent so much of their precious time and effort in writing about a particular topic that they were interested in or passionate about. Sure some of it was done with an commercial interest, but I would like to believe that the majority of them did it because they enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the world or they were simply following their interests, without expecting anything in return.

Given my Java background, where it is customary to write a “Hello World” program, I decide to write my Hello World post and dedicate it to the wonderful bloggers, from around the world, who have not only helped me a great deal in my own learning, but has also saved me tons of time. So how can I pay back all the nameless, countless bloggers who have helped me in my journey ?

There are many things in life, where it is very difficulty, if not impossible, to return the favour or pay back for something good that was done to you. When faced with such dilemma,  a life principle can come to your rescue. When you cannot pay back, you Pay It Forward.

So to all the thinkers, writers, bloggers of the world, thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed and has helped me a lot. As our world continues to become smaller, I hope we meet one day, so that I can thank you in person.

Till such day, I hope to put back some of the water, that I have taken and continue to take from the lake , back into the lake, via the Pay It Forward blogs.

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  1. Amazing GT.. Way to go..

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