Design Patterns & Principles

Design Patterns & Principles

Heard your colleagues talk about SOLID Principles or your technical lead saying something about Single Responsibility Principle and Dependency Inversion Principle, but not really sure what meant or how it impacts your design and development? Then, this is the right course for you.

This course aims to introduce the concept of Design Principles and how they impact the design of any software system. It also talks about the interrelationship between principles and how Design Principles and Design Patterns are related.

1. What Design Patterns are and how they come about
2. Characteristics of Design Patterns and pitfalls to watch out for
3. Learn the most often used GoF Patterns
4. What Design Principles are and why we need them
5. SOLID Principles, SOC, Law of Demeter, Program to an Interface Principles
6. Design Effectiveness : Review a design against common design considerations and address its deficiencies
2 Days Instructor Led Training Session (ILT)
1. Should have about 3-5 years of development experience and should have worked on mid to large enterprise applications.
2. Exposure to modules / application design is recommended
3. Should have good understanding of UML Diagrams and should know how to read and write them.

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